"Lissa has provided support to me in a way that has been unmatched by any legal representation I have ever had. From day one I felt respected and valued in discussing details of events that were tough to talk about. Not only was my voice heard, but every detail was crucial in representation and planning that was critical to the safety and well-being of my family. Throughout the process, I felt cared for and frequent communication with Lissa reminded me that I was not alone. My success story is testimony to the skill and masterful diligence that Lissa Kaufman provides to her clients. I cannot thank her enough. "  - SM

"Lissa was terrific! She is certainly in the right vocation, from my professional viewpoint.  She has the skills for negotiating and influencing people and their attitudes.  I especially appreciated her skills with cross examination and the closing arguments." -JC

"Lissa truly inspired me in the way she helped me through a difficult and embarrassing time.  She advocated with confidence, yet was upfront and candid with me about the legal realities of my situation." -  ML

"Lissa Kaufman helped me find my way through the most trying time of my life.  She knew how to navigate the complicated process of protecting my children and myself.  Lissa was honest with me in a direct and compassionate way, she held my hand when I needed her to and gave it to me straight when it mattered most." - KW

"Lissa helped me navigate through the confusing process and has helped me understand what is best for myself and children. They have made me feel safe by putting documents in place that protect my kids.  Lissa has helped me get my voice back! And she has been able to be a liaison between myself and my husband." - LH

"Lissa was a fierce advocate for my position in a very difficult and complicated ongoing custody dispute.  Her tenacity, knowledge, and confidence got me results in the courtroom.  Given the great results, combined with her genuine concern for my family, Lissa has earned my loyalty... I will never use another family law attorney."  - MS

"The legal system and legal processes can be so overwhelming. Lissa always took the time to explain the process to me in a way that I could understand. Working with Lissa, I not only felt like she not only promoted my legal best interest, but also supported me as a person. I felt like she really cared about me."- AB

Lissa's help was invaluable during one of the most challenging times of my life.  With Lissa, I was able to navigate a complex legal system, and she helped me keep the stress of that to a minimum." -KM

I can’t say enough good things about Lissa and her work and professionalism during my divorce.  Divorce is such an emotionally awful experience and Lissa was able to educate me about the process, be my cheerleader when I needed wisdom and strength.  She was able to keep me high intentions as the process got very difficult.  I admired her ability to stay strong for me and also be tough with the other side when needed.  I was able to reach a settlement due to Lissa’s amazing tenacity and work ethic.  Nobody wants to get a divorce but if you have to Lissa Kaufman is the only one I would use.   -LD

Lissa managed my difficult divorce by using every resource she had available. Her creativity helped problem solve challenging obstacles and her expertise guided me to make good, thoughtful decisions. -JL

Thorough, mindful, and superb follow-through.  You guys have been so great and helpful throughout the process.  I am so grateful and appreciative. -YD